World Sokol Organization is an international non-governmental organization promoted according to the Czech legislation by the decision of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic of 31st January, 1994. The Federation was established on the initiative of the founder Sokol organizations existing in the world and Czechoslovakia (see WSF By-Laws).
The beginnings of the Sokol movement date back to the year 1862 when on the initiative of Dr. Miroslav Tyrš and Jindrich Fügner in particular the first Sokol Unit was founded. The Sokol movement was quickly spreading about not only in the Czech lands but during the following decades the Sokol organizations were established in number of European countries and mainly overseas – in the USA and Canada.

Sokol , however, has never been only a sports and gymnastic organization but thanks to the activities of M. Tyrš and his thoughts and ideas also an educational, social, cultural and even political organization.

In the communist period and so called united sports movement in Czechoslovakia when the Sokol movement was de facto prohibited it survived and progressed thanks to the Sokol organizations abroad. After the revival of Sokol in Czechoslovakia in 1990 also the contacts with the organizations abroad were reestablished and the new cooperation resulted in the proposal to establish the World Sokol Federation in 1993 which was officially registered in early 1994.

World Sokol Organization was founded for the purpose of mutual cooperation and support of all allied Sokol organizations, spreading Sokol ideas and the reestablishment or establishment of Sokol organizations wherever the interest might be. In practice its task is to coordinate the activities of the respective member organizations and to mutually assist to each other.

At present the World Sokol Organization associates 13 Sokol organizations from 18 countries of the world.